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                                       DELL Gaming Computers

   Dell XPS 630i 8GB of RAM Nvidia Card $450

  Dell XPS 420 8 GB Of RAM, Nvidia GeForce $340
  Dell XPS 420 From the Same People That Make Alien Ware Gaming - Special Order Only 

 Dell Gaming Or Video Editing Ready to Work or Play $289


 MacBook Pro 13.3" With OS X- EL CAPITAN 320 GB Hard Drive 4 GB RAM $540

  MacBook Pro 15.4" Loaded with Lion + Microsoft Office For Mac $420

 MacBook 13.3" Loaded with Snow Leopard + Microsoft Office $239

 All MacBook and MacBook Pro Comes with Good Battery and Charger and 60 Days Repair  Warranty.

     Sold Out




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    Discount Computers Store - is the original   and we only have one store. (702)478-5100


 HP & Dell 17.3" each come with 500 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB Of Memory RAM, All School Programs (Window8 Or Windows 7)

  Desktop Computers Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, 6 Months Warranty and Most School Programs (Office 365)

 New Toshiba Windows 8.1 -  7" With 2 Web cam,  tablet, Free Office 365 - $189 Factory Warranty.

   Call for Tablets 10.1" With Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. (Come with Software CD) $239

                                               include 2 full size USB, that you use the tablet like a regular Laptop.


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      Click on CSTA and The Laptop for Free "How to Use the Computer" Free Class - and Microsoft Office Free Class.





                 All Windows Software Repair or Restore $80      1a   

                                     About Our Refubrished Laptops and Desktop Computers


                                     We Are The Repair Center For


Discount Computer Store - Limited Laptop and Desktop Computer warranty- Store warranty

The total value of the warranty is limited to the amount paid for the laptop or desktop computer by the buyer to Discount Computers. The warranty does not cover any programs added to the computer by the buyer. The warranty does not cover any lost of use by the buyer at any time. There is no usability promised or other warranty with any computer and the buyer is the responsible party to verify the usability of the computer. The warranty is limited to defect parts of the computer and it is a “repair warranty only” all warranty will be performed by Discount Computers or facility designated by Discount Computers, At Discount Computes Option. Discount Computer Can repair or replace the computer with the same Name Brand Computer at the Same Value. There is no replacement loaner computer during the repair or replacement time. The warranty not covered damage do to power surge, Physical Damage  by water, fire, drop, AC/DC adapter or cable Broken, or any damage consider negligent or “act of God” such as lightning. It is the buyer responsibility to protect the computer and keep it in a working condition by keeping it clean and safe. The warranty is for 30 Days from the day of the sale for Laptop and 90 days from the day of sale for desk top computer. the buyer will be buying a surge protector at his own cost, to be used with the computer at all time. This warranty is the only warranty for the computer and is part of the sales agreement with the store.

Virus protection is not covered by warranty, and Discount Computers Store do not provide any software CD or other restoring media with a sale of the computer, Discount Computers Store highly recommend that the customer will buy the best Anti Virus available and will backup all DATA to external Hard Drive or a Cloud Service.

APPLE MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and All Apple Products Used Product Store Warranty -  The Warranty Must be Listed on The Invoice - Otherwise there is no Warranty and The Apple Computer is Sold "AS IS"


                    HP 2012 Windows 7, Webcam -        Lenovo/IBM G530 Webcam 4GB of RAM -   HP 2013 Windoes 8, 4GB, Anti Virus

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              Toshiba C655                               HP 15.4"                                   Dell Studio  17"                    Asus Business Class

         The website do not show this week the complete inventory please call for more information. 

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Order Your Laptop Battery - Or Laptop Charger $55

Desktops: Complete System $295 - $369 Price For The Computer Tower Only  $189 - $295

Dell XPS 420 Gaming Computer Build For Your Game. Price $345-$420 Call For Information.

   Windows 7, 4GB of RAM, Dual Core, CD and DVD Burner. $229


HP Complete Desktop Systems (Each) $340 Desktop Computer Only $249-$269 Call For More Information




Dell Optiplex GX 745 Desktop Computer: CD/RW and DVD. come with Dell SONIC Burning tools, This is a Music Machine that let you Download and Buren Music, Processor speed 3.20 GHz, Vista- and free anti Virus. Computer Tower $210 - Complete System $339



HP Compaq Desktop computer system. CD Burner, DVD, and Anti Virus. 20” Flat LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers, 3D laser Mouse. Computer Tower Only-$245 Complete System $359 - 90 Store Warranty.


 factory recondition Desk to Computers Dell, HP, Gateway, Lenovo, Compaq Call For More information. Price from $195- $340



   MacBook Pro Special Order Only (Refurbished) with 90 Days warranty - Call for Models and Price. 


                            Discount Computer Store           (Computer Las Vegas) 

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Hello Las Vegas,

my name is Joe Van Goor, I am the Team Leader at   Discount Computers. I've been Building, Programing and repairing computers for over a decade. (and I Love it!)
Recently, I've noticed that more and more small business and home PC users are needlessly replacing their computers. The main complaint I hear is that the computer is slow, crashing often, or has lots of pop-up-ads or other annoyances. I've seen many people buy a new PC, only to have their new computer stop working properly within a few weeks.
What most people don't realize is that their PC is not worn-out, broken, or even too old. The vast majority of the time, their PC is infected with hundreds or thousands of viruses and/or spyware programs. Even worse, most new PC's and internet services come with software that says it will block viruses and spyware, so most people assume they're safe. The problem is that all this protective software (and windows itself) has to be updated regularly to protect from new threats that appear from time to time. Additionally, most name-brand PCs and software include unnecessary programs that launch when you start your PC. Although this software sometimes speeds up one program, it constantly uses system resources that cause your PC to run slower. As you install more and more software, your computer gets slower and slower from all the start up programs that get loaded. Most of these startup items can be safely removed, giving your computer a boost in speed, without affecting any of your software. This is why most people mistakenly think that "too much software" slows down your computer. Most modern computers can hold literally thousands of programs without any slowdown whatsoever.
This is why you need Discount Computers (Computer Las Vegas). We will run programs to remove viruses and spyware, and block new threats. We also remove unnecessary start up programs, and run standard maintenance such as scan-disk and defrag. We check your system settings and make sure that everything is set to run optimally. We charge a flat rate of $79 for this service, and we guarantee your PC will not be slowed by viruses or spyware for 90 days, or we'll fix the problem at no charge. When we're done, you'll think you have just bought a new computer.


We provide value based solutions by offering refurbished computers at a fraction of their original cost from manufacturers like Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Compaq, and more. All of our refurbished computer systems pass our testing to verify high performance. Also, because we are solution focused, rather than manufacturer driven, we work with you to find the ideal products that deliver the results that fit your needs.

What is better than new computer equipment? The best used equipment is refurbished computers by our technicians and ready to go. In many cases this equipment is better than new. It's cost effective and backed with our Service. 
                                                 Call Me My Name is J. Van Goor.


       Thank you for visiting   Joe Van Goor

All Software Repair only $ $80 (Complete Windows Recovery)

and we provide Same Day Service. 10:00am to 6:00pm
When you experience a Virus or data loss situation it is extremely important that you not act hastily to try to resolve the problem. Doing so can make matters worse and could result in the complete and permanent loss of your data. If you don't understand what is happening with your system, don't do anything but seek the advice of a hard drive data recovery professional.
If your drive is making any unusual noises such as clicking, grinding or metal scraping, turn it off immediately! This condition typically indicates a head crash and major media damage. Hard disks spin at a high rate of speed, anywhere from 3200 to 10,000 revolutions per minute. Extensive damage can occur in a short period of time if a drive is left running, making the data irretrievable. In this situation it is best to turn off the system, remove the drive and bring it to our facilities for hard drive repair.
If you've accidentally deleted files, emptied the Recycle Bin or Trash can, don't install any software or save additional files to your drive. Doing so may permanently overwrite the deleted items. If you are in the middle of a project when you discover files are missing, or you believe they have been deleted, save the current project to a floppy disk, or another storage device. Don't write, install software, or save anything to the drive where the missing files were located. Although you probably won't need hard drive repair, you will want to be saving as rather than sorry.
If you tempted to use commercial utility software such as Norton Utilities, and would like to attempt recovery on your own, you might render your data completely unrecoverable. We use high level recovery software costing thousands of dollars to recover data. In fact, some of the software we use is not for sale at any price!



Sorry, we do not buy computers from the local market. Everything we buy must come from
 professionally refurbished facility and cover by warranty, thank you for understanding. 

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